Zitsticka KILLA™ KIT Patch for the deep, early-stage zit


KILLA is for the blind or hard-to-reach zit

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KILLA is a patch powered by ZitSticka’s signature microdart technology. These tiny microdarts self-dissolve to flood the heart of your early-stage zituation with targeted ingredients, clearing the upcoming drama before it gets real. Each kit also contains CLEANA swabs soaked in exfoliating, de-stressing ingredients to prime the area prior to application.

Why is it so special?

🎯 4 derm-backed ingredients
🎯 Precision technology
🎯 Ingredients hit your targeted area in 2 hours
🎯 Sharper, longer, more stable microdarts when compared with lookalike patches


Clinical results

  • 81% of users found the patch to improve the speed of skin clarification.†
  • 93% of users reported that if they caught it early, their skin’s appearance improved, with the issue never actually taking shape.†
  • 88% of users cited a “significant” improvement in the appearance of their skin 8 hours post application.†

How to Use

1. Swipe target area with CLEANA swab.
2. Once dry, apply KILLA patch onto zit.
3. Leave on for 2+ hrs for microdarts to dissolve (for best results, leave on overnight).

8 Microdart KILLA Patches: Hyaluronic Acid, Oligopeptide -76, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide

8 Soaked CLEANA Swabs: Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Alcohol


A deep-dive on KILLA’s 4 ingredients


Salicylic acid

A gentle, unclogging exfoliant that works its magic right inside the pore, salicylic is a zit’s most notorious enemy. This dermatologist-loved chemical exfoliant also paves the way for a truer application to ensure the patch sticks flush to your face and stays there.

The exfoliator


Niacinamide works with the natural substances in your skin to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Your skin’s calm, logical, level-headed friend, niacinamide can also help to repair signs of damage.

The calmer


OG-76 silences an upcoming zit’s appearance before it gets real, working to disrupt the progression of it taking shape. Something else Oligopeptide-76 does is take on the firming, tightening responsibilities that all peptides do. So while it’s working as a convincing germ-hater, it’s also setting up your skin for improved texture and bounce.

The silencer

Hyaluronic acid

A moisture-magnet and conduit for the other synergistic ingredients, hyaluronic acid ensures your skin doesn’t reach desert-dry levels given KILLA’s other ingredients can be drying. HA is a humectant, which makes it capable of drawing moisture from its surroundings and thus, a super excellent hydrator.

The hydrator (and vehicle)


What type of zits are they for?

The blind, unidentifiable, hard-to-reach ones that greet you first thing in the morning. The deep shiners that pulse like a bass line. The early-stage, upcoming ones that previously left you helpless. The type that creams will struggle to access.
What are ‘self-dissolving microdarts’?

Microdarts are the heroes of our products, and they dissolve within the epicenter of your zit two hours after a KILLA is applied, flooding the heart of your spot with hard-working ingredients.
How do these differ from their cheaper counterparts?

Most traditional patches are made from a hydrocolloid sticker, and can be effective on surface level ones or those that have come to an obvious head – see our GOO GETTER™ product for more on this! KILLA is embedded with microdarts that melt and release targeted ingredients where they’re needed most.
How long should I leave a KILLA on for?

No two zits are created equally, so this happens to be a rather layered answer. KILLA’s microdarts dissolve completely by the 2 hour mark, having deposited zit-hating ingredients into your pimple. They’re enclosed in your zit now; they’re working hard. Trust in that. However, you know what else KILLA is good for? Covering and protecting the drama site from bacteria. We recommend keeping it on until it feels flatter, overnight if possible, or even longer if your zit is particularly obnoxious.
Ouch! Do the microdarts hurt?

KILLA’s microdarts are 1/3 finer than a strand of hair, and pierce only the uppermost layer of skin through which to deposit ingredients. The sensation is more of a strong tickle than painful, and many people find it really quite satisfying!
What is the science behind KILLA?

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