LRT Lift + Rejuvenate + Tone


LRT Lift + Rejuvenate + Tone is designed to make the neck, jawline and decollete appear visibly lifted and toned. Contains phytocell tech Mallus domestica, which at 2% shows a significant decrease in wrinkle depth after 2 months. LRT helps to refine the appearance of overall skin tone, firmness and smoothness of the skin for an even more supple appearance. Suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with aging.

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LRT contains a synergy of active ingredients which simultaneously protect collagen and support the restructuring of the dermal matrix. LRT also evens out skin tone, reducing pigmentation and uneven skin coloring associated with aged skin. It firms and smooths the skin for a more even and supple appearance. It can be used on the entire face for a firming action. Best results are seen after 3 months.

Suitable for:

  • all skin types
  • neck sagging
  • wrinkles
  • loose, lax skin

Key benefits:

  • best cream for anti-aging
  • specifically designed to treat sagging skin on the neck
  • evens out skin tone
  • treatment for poikiloderma

Key ingredients:

  • Edelweiss extract (lifting and firming effect on the skin, particularly the neck and decollete)
  • Hibiscus extract (natural AHA; repairs the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles)
  • Quercus extract (has a firming effect on the skin; smooths the surface of the skin)
  • Apple stem cells (stimulates skin rejuvenation)
  • Trifluorylacetyl tripeptide 2 (lifting and firming peptide; inhibits MMPs and protects collagen)
  • Blackberry leaf extract (boosts collagen and elastin)
  • Teprenone (repair peptide that reinforces the DEJ)
  • Matrixyl Synthe 6 (peptide that moderates the key components of the dermis and epidermal junction)

Instructions: Apply 1 pump to the neck and decollete. If using on the entire face, apply 2 pumps after serums.

Available in .17 and 1.7 ounce sizes.



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