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As you know Roccoco believes in using acne-safe ingredients in their products that do not cause irritation. Often people use the correct skincare, but still have skin problems that are caused by their haircare. This continues a vicious cycle that won’t rectify until the haircare is changed. It seemed a natural progression to develop a shampoo and conditioner that could be confidently recommended without causing any of these ongoing side effects and that would complement the results that Roccoco skincare is able to achieve.


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Keratin makes up around 80% of the hair structure, which is composed of 2 parts, the external cuticle and the internal cortex. Keratin, the name given to the cysteine containing proteins found in hair fibers, is the main component of both of these regions of the hair.

This SULFATE-FREE shampoo hydrates and helps to strengthen hair fibers and repairs the cuticle. It intelligently binds to areas that are damaged and helps to repair and strengthen the cuticle. Hair is left more vibrant, color-enhanced and stronger.

The silicone used in these products won’t weigh the hair down. It’s actually the first product to be formulated in Australia with this new form of silicone.

The intensely hydrating conditioner repairs the cuticle and smooths it, resulting in ultra-glossy and shiny hair!

Suitable for:

  • all hair types
  • dry, damaged hair
  • color-treated hair

Available in 13.5 ounce sizes.

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13.5 oz Shampoo, 13.5 oz Conditioner

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