"A young woman patient is being treated with cupping, an alternative medicine procedure"
“Cupping increases blood circulation, releasing toxins, reducing inflammation and relieveing muscle tension.”

How Does Fireless Cupping Work?

The vacuum suction action of cupping works similarly to manual massage, but with faster results. The suction and movement of the cup breaks apart adhered fibrous tissues, as well as breaking up fat cells. The movement of blood, lymphatic and intracellular fluid conveniently carries away toxins that are released. Circulation is increased, improving cell health and function. Cupping is very effective in reducing cellulite and improving elasticity.

Gina offers Fireless Cupping Massage at Pro Skin Studio. Sessions are individually tailored for each client to address pain relief and/or cellulite reduction.

Most common benefits:

›› Releases toxins
›› Stimulates flow of lymphatic fluid
›› Relieves muscle tension
›› Releases fascial fixations
›› Increases circulation
›› Reduces cellulite
›› Relieves pain
›› Increases collagen and elastin production
›› Decreases fluid retention
›› Relieves stress


$120/ Full body, 105 minutes

$75/ Lower body, 60 minutes

$60/ Upper body, 45 minutes

$45/ Spot treatment, 30 minutes

15 minute consultation for $20

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