Pro Skin Studio now offers Epilfree® permanent hair removal with laser-like results for ALL hair & skin colors! Book your consultation today!

Epilfree® is a revolutionary permanent hair removal treatment that works in conjunction with your regular waxing service. Results are equal to laser, but without the limitations and excessive costs. It is safe, PAINLESS, effective and 100% natural! Epilfree® utilizes natural herbs after your waxing service to safely and effectively target all of the hairs that are in the active grown phase (anagen) and destroy them FOREVER while being gentle on your skin.

No lasers and NO machines are used! We wax the area we are treating and then immediately apply two serums designed to 1) Enlarge the hair follicle to 4 times its normal size and 2) Stop the process of cell division, effectively killing the hair!

Epilfree® is the clear choice for EVERYONE with hair removal needs.

ALL ages can use Epilfree®! (Yes – even your young daughter that is being teased because of her hairy upper lip or your teenaged son that doesn’t want the hairy back your father has!).

ALL genders can benefit from an Epilfree® series – including trans women that are desperate to get rid of their whiskers.

Women with hormonal issues / PCOS that have been shaving their faces since they were in high school would LOVE an Epilfree® series and rid their faces / upper chest / nipples of unwanted hair FOR GOOD! Even your MENOPAUSE-mustache can be treated with Epilfree®!

Epilfree® works on all skin & hair types and is safe to use on all areas of the body, including over tattoos! There is NO risk of scarring and does NOT cause any sensitivity to the sun. The Epilfree® formulation is made up of natural herbs that stop the duplication of cells at the base of the hair follicle.

The typical client will need between 8 – 12 treatments, but some clients will need less or more depending on their individual hair growth. This means that in as little as 4 months you can be rid of your unibrow or mustache and as little as 6 months you can treat your bikini line, underarms or legs!

Epilfree® Consultation – $30 (This fee is refunded if you purchase a series of 3 or 6 treatments)

Epilfree® pricing (this is on top of your normal waxing price). Book 3 sessions and save 10% or book 6 sessions and save 20%!

Upper Lip – 1 session – $30; 3 sessions – $81; 6 sessions – $144

Brows OR Chin OR Areolas OR Ears – 1 session – $50; 3 sessions – $135; 6 sessions – $240

Neck OR Underarms OR Half arm OR Shoulders – 1 session – $65; 3 sessions – $175.50; 6 sessions – $312

Pricing for these larger areas is dependent on size of area to treat. Pricing will be determined during your consultation.

Lower or Upper Back OR Buttocks OR Bikini OR Stomach OR Lower Legs – 1 session – $80+; 3 sessions – $216+; 6 sessions – $384+

Full Face OR Full Arms OR Upper Legs – 1 session – $100+; 3 sessions – $270+; 6 sessions – $480+

Brazilian OR Manzilian OR Chest OR Back OR Full Leg – 1 session – $125+; 3 sessions – $337.50+; 6 sessions – $600+

Before & After Epilfree®

What do you need to do before & after your Epilfree® treatment?


DO wash the area to be treated with cleanser and pat dry
DO NOT apply any oils, powders or lotions
DO NOT apply deodorant or perfume
DO NOT apply makeup
You need to come to your appointment with CLEAN, DRY SKIN! It takes 1 hour for your skin to return to the proper pH in order to get good results from your treatment.

No bathing or showering
No oils, powders or lotions
No deodorant or perfume
No makeup
No strenuous exercise
Avoid sweating
Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours
No threading or waxing
No tweezing
No shaving

Keep 4-6 week intervals between your treatments
Your hair length must be between 2.5 to 5.0mm for next treatment
A consistent treatment program will improve your outcome
No threading between treatments
No waxing between treatments
No tweezing between treatments
No shaving between treatments

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