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6 Tips to Help Clear Your Acne

Acne is so frustrating. You scrub, you pick, you squeeze, you apply medication and you’re STILL broken out! Here are 6 tips to help you clear your acne. These tips, along with a series of Acne Clearing Facials at Pro Skin Studio, will assist you in clearing your acne – FOR GOOD!

    1. Cleanse your skin immediately after sports events, practices or going to the gym with a cleanser or wipes. The combination of sweat and wearing makeup can cause a buildup of excess oil. You should also wipe any helmets or phones with a disinfectant daily! A 50/50 solution with 70% isopropyl alcohol / water wiped with a microfiber cloth is an easy, at-home method to disinfect phones.
    2. Change your pillow case frequently (2 – 3 times / week). Did you know that you shed up to 30,000 – 40,000 skin cells daily? That is almost 9 pounds of cells every year! These skin cells can build up on your skin and cause clogged pores! Yuck! Use your pillow on one side, flip it the next night and then change to a new one!
    3. Don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets. The waxy softening agent in liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets can clog your pores. Buy some wool dryer balls instead.
    4. Don’t use an abrasive scrub or over-wash your face. If you’re completing your skin care routine as prescribed by your skin therapist, your skin isn’t dirty. There are actually bacteria trapped in your pores, and any amount of scrubbing won’t remove them. You need products that are designed to kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation!
    5. Don’t pick! By squeezing a zit you can actually make an infection worse by forcing bacteria deeper into your skin, or even to surrounding follicles. Leave the extractions to your Esthetician!
    6. Read labels! Many of the products in so called ‘acne-safe’ products are actually pore-cloggers! This includes makeup, moisturizers & sunscreens!
Pro Skin Studio Acne Clearning Treatment

Acne Clearing Facial

Uncover healthier skin with this clearing facial designed specifically for acne-prone skin. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, a calming mask, moisturizer and solar protection, as well as instruction on home care. Book your appointment for the Acne Clearing Facial today so we can help you develop a plan to clear your acne for good!

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Winter Skin Rescue

Winter is beautiful! Snowy days spent sipping hot chocolate by the fire, carving the perfect ‘S’ down a powdery slope, the quiet ‘swish swish’ of a long trek on your x-country skis and (insert sound of a needle scratching across a record here) DRY, ITCHY SKIN! Don’t despair! There is still time for you to hydrate Learn More…

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