How to prep for your Brazilian or body waxing service

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Bikini / Brazilian Waxing

Bikini Wax – $55, includes just the top and side hairs that would peek out of your bikini bottom

French Bikini Wax – $70, includes whatever you want taken off of the front, but nothing in the rear

Brazilian Wax – $80, all hairs removed front to back & side to side

All Brazilian & Bikini waxes include removal of the happy trail if requested. If the happy trail is large, there will be an additional charge.

Body Waxing

Underarms – $40

Full Arm – $75

Half Arm – $50

Full Leg – $150

Half Leg – $100

Full Leg with Brazilian – $235

Half Leg with Brazilian – $185

Full Leg with Bikini – $205

Half Leg with Bikini – $155

Buttocks – $50

Nipples – $20

Full Body (women) – $510, includes brows, full face, full arms, underarms, full legs, Brazilian & buttocks

Waxing for Men

Chest – $80

Abdomen – $50

Back – $120

Manzilian – $150, includes the Crack, but not the Buttocks

Buttocks – $50

Crack only – $40

Full Body (men) – $555, includes full arms, full legs, chest, abdomen, back, Manzilian & buttocks

*Please note that despite the absence of gloves in the above photo, please be assured that all waxing services are completed with the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. Gloves are always worn, wax application sticks are never used more than once, and all reusable implements (such as tweezers, brushes and brow pencils) and work surfaces are disinfected between each and every client. We care about your health and safety!

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